Sludge drainage

Sludge press for dewatering varnish sludge from painting plants
The sludge press is for dewatering paint sludge from painting plants. The sludge press from D3 System is an efficient and sustainable system for dewatering sludge from painting plants with low maintenance and operating costs.


  • Lower disposal costs for the paint sludge.
  • Easier handling of paint sludge.
  • Minor odor problems and contamination with wet paint sludge around the paint plant.

The aqueous sludge from e.g. a continuously operating sludge plant is led directly into the sludge tank. The pump for the sludge tank transports the sludge to the press, where it is compressed and dehydrated. If necessary, a dewatering agent can be added. The pressed water is thus completely clear. At the upper end of the press, the dewatered sludge is continuously led via a transport auger down into a container or jute bag for later disposal.

Sludge from sludge plants (plastic varnishing, mixed types of paint)
Access: 10% dry matter
Pressed sludge: 40-50% dry matter

Sludge from sludge plants (varnishing on wood, UV varnish)
Access: 15% dry matter
Addition of dewatering agents to clear the process water.
Pressed sludge: 40% dry matter

Sludge from the Aqua System (Rinsing water from varnishing on wood and glue presses)
Access: 10-15% dry matter
Pressed sludge: 40-50% dry matter