Flocculation plant

Flocculation plant Aqua System

Aqua System is designed for handling contaminated water obtained by cleaning water-based painting systems. With the cleaning process, it is possible to either produce clean water that can be used for further cleaning, or, in agreement with the authorities, to direct the water to the municipal drainage system.

Concentrated sludge and clean water are the final products. The sludge must, depending on the content, be treated as environmental waste or ordinary industrial waste.

The system is designed to be able to handle contaminated water that emerges after cleaning the water-based painting systems.

Aqua System is resource-saving and does not cause any strain on the environment.

Functional description:

Aqua System works by directing the contaminated water from the purification processes to a flocculation tank, where D3 System flocculants are added depending on the type of paint used. The flocculation process then proceeds automatically. First, stir vigorously for some minutes, after which stirring is stopped and time is given for sedimentation or flotation of the flocculated paint particles.

After a certain time, the water is separated into clear water and sludge. The clear water is led to a rent tank, while the sludge is led to a container, from which the water can further and slowly flow from the sludge through a sludge bag/jute bag. The sludge can then be set to dry.