D3 System has a wide range of products for degreasing metal and composite materials. We range from strong alkaline degreasing to strongly acidic degreasing.

We test different products at the customer before we together decide on the choice of chemistry. Typically, a test period lasts approximately 2 weeks. When we investigate the choice of chemistry on composite material, it is important to us that the first tests take place in our laboratory in Germany.

It is important to define which wishes the customer has for the degreasing: alkaline or acidic. Also, to get acquainted with the process that forms the basis for varnishing the items. In particular, temperature can play significant role in power consumption.

Today, a major focus area is how to reduce your costs most effectively. Power consumption on heating degreasing baths/powerwash is too seldom looked at.

Our customers range from large groups to smaller companies.

Our motto is: No assignment is too small.