D3 System can supply filters in all kinds of materials for cleaning air to or from processes or production premises. We work with traditional air filtration as well as more advanced forms of dust collection and filtration.

Intake filters or extraction filters are coarse filters for filtering larger particles or fine filters for filtering smaller and perfectly fine particles. The filters are available in different qualities and sizes, depending on the task they are to solve.

The filters used in dry spray booth are typically Andrea filters or CI-filters (Colombus filters).

The Andrea filter is built as a labyrinth that absorbs excess paint from the painting process. The filter has a high degree of separation and great absorbency at the same time as a low pressure drop. On the back of the filter is a double stretch band, which helps the filter retain its shape and the air flow is correct and uniform. The Andrea filter can absorb approximately 20 kg of color pigment per m2 filter surface.

The CI-filter is available in several variants depending on the degree of separation you want. The filters range from 87 – 99.5%. The filters are built in layers. Each layer is designed so that the air changes direction and becomes turbulent. This achieves the greatest possible contact between the filter medium and the color particles that are to be captured. Likewise, each layer has an increasing density, so that the color particles can’t settle on the surface of the filter, but can work their way completely into it, but without being able to get through the last layer.