Optimization of water flow in wet painting booth

The painting booth must be an environmentally friendly workplace and be an effective aid for achieving a perfect painting/varnishing result. This can only be achieved if the air flow in the booth is evenly distributed.

The wet painting booth consists in principle of 2 parts. An air washer and a bottom vessel. The task of the air washer is to remove explosive vapors and to wash out excess paint/varnish from the air for collection in the bottom vessel of the booth.

The extracted air volume passes through the air washer, the efficiency of which depends on the water level in the bottom vessel. Therefore, it is important that the water level maintains a constant level. The air purification is based on the extracted air volume passing a powerful water cyclone, where paint and varnish particles are washed out and returned to the bottom vessel. The circulating water is led via return channels to the front part of the bottom vessel or on to a sludge system.

It is very important that the water flow is in order so that the painting booth can run optimally and thus as environmentally friendly as possible. Se også: “Miljøteknologi – Slamanlæg”.